We are extremely excited to announce our new Repeat Prescription Service for our current Pivotal Health patients.

We understand that there are times when it is difficult or inconvenient to attend the practice due to life pressures or commitments. It is important for patients to continue taking their regular medication and not risk adverse health events.

In response to feedback from our patients and our clinical team we have reviewed our policies and procedures around how patients can arrange repeat prescriptions for ongoing, regular medications prescribed by their GP. When reviewing these policies it was important to us to ensure that we make it convenient and safe for patients to be able to access their repeat scripts while still having contact with their usual GP.

We are aware that there are a number of script only services online and telephone services out in the market that are convenient however as a practice we are concerned that this model does not ensure continuity of care and may be an unsafe option long term and hence why the Pivotal Health Repeat Prescription has been introduced to our practice.

Contrary to some beliefs repeat prescriptions are not as easy as “just pressing a button” they take time for the GP to action. This includes checking that the medication and dosages are correct, that there is no interactions with any other medication that may have changed since the last prescription was written and once the prescription has been written the GP is responsible for documenting in the patient health record. It is important for patients to plan ahead and give the GP some time to action their request for repeat prescriptions and the Repeat Prescription Service requires 3 working days for the script to be completed. In most cases we will be able to complete this prior to the 3 days however if the script is needed on the same day a surcharge may apply.

Pivotal Health patients are encouraged to register for My Medicare when using the script service. Once registered, patients this will create a stronger link between themselves and your their GP and practice including being able to access longer telehealth consultations.

To ensure that we provide good quality and safe health care to our patients at Pivotal Health it is important that the following policies are followed for our Repeat Prescription Service.

Patient’s eligible for this service must have been into the practice for a face to face consultation in the previous 6 months.

Patient’s should not have any outstanding result recalls or reminders that the GP needs to follow up face to face.

Prescriptions requested must be regular, ongoing medication that has previously been prescribed by our practice.

Some medications are unable to be prescribed through this service and will require a face to face appointment these include:

  • Pain Medication
  • Weight Loss Medication
  • Benzodiazepines (eg Valuim)
  • Stimulant Medication (for ADHD)

In in the event that any of the above criteria are not met Pivotal Health will advise the patient and attempt to offer a solution.