Are you looking after your most important asset?


It’s time to put your health first!

The sad passing of Shane Warne and Senator Kimberley Kitching have raised many inquiries  from patients wanting to see the GP to evaluate their risk of heart attack.The good news is that we have a fantastic bulk billed service available.

Your health is the most important asset you have, yet many people take it for granted and don’t take the time to get themselves checked over by their GP. Our practice offers comprehensive bulk billed health checks for eligible patients aged between 45-49 . It’s a great opportunity to get a thorough check, and potentially prevent problems before they start.

The main reason for the assessment is to identify specific risk factors and assist patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease. We will cover any concerns that you may have along with looking at your health parameters, including height, weight, blood pressure and assessing your risk for diabetes. We will offer screening blood tests if appropriate based on your personal and family history. You will spend approximately 20 minutes with one of our nurses and then approximately 40 minutes with the GP.

The health assessment is bulk billed (no out of pocket expense to you) so affordability concerns are removed. It is an important check that is extremely worthwhile and in some cases life changing and even lifesaving. The only restriction is that patients are only eligible for one funded health check during the ages of 45-49. If you are interested we would love to assist, please call Chelsea on 3286 1122 or email to book an appointment and let the admin team know that you require an appointment for a 45-49 year old health check.

See how healthy you really are!