Corporate Onsite Influenza Vaccinations

Every flu season Pivotal Health offers onsite influenza vaccination for businesses in the Redlands.

Since 2008, a number of businesses in the Redlands have taken up our offer to come and protect their staff against influenza. Our clients found this service convenient and non disruptive to their busy work day. They also found that absenteeism during flu season decreased.

The influenza viruses rapidly propagate within a work environment and large numbers of staff can become ill. Evidence based studies indicate that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the incidence of side effects of the influenza vaccine.

The benefits of vaccination include reduction in absenteeism amongst staff members; increase in productivity and profit and continuity within your business; reduction of misery and inconvenience in the workplace and greater employee satisfaction that the employer chooses to undertake workplace strategies that improve their well being.

To find out more information or to book in your workplace please call the Practice Manager Emma Kohler on 3286 1122 or 0410 579 817.