I’m over 65. Why should I wait for the over 65 Flu Vaccine?

There is now a high dose Government funded Influenza vaccine manufactured specifically for patients over the age of 65. It is important that people have this age appropriate vaccine to ensure that they gain maximum protection against Influenza infection.

The over 65 Government Funded flu vaccine is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Our immune system declines as we age especially from the age of 65
  • This enhanced flu vaccine contains an adjuvant which means that they contain an ingredient that helps create better immune response.

Vaccination is particularly important for people in this age group as they are at high risk of complications from influenza and have the highest influenza-associated death rates each year.

The 2022 vaccine contains the same components as the vaccine provided for other age groups but has the benefit of inducing a greater immune response in this age group.

The recommended flu vaccine for over 65’s, is not available everywhere.

We are currently unable to confirm the delivery date of the government funded vaccine, however we will be contacted our patients over the age of 65 once it has landed in our fridges (traditionally it arrives mid April).