Healthy Heart Checks
$20 out of pocket (after Medicare)

Heart Disease causes 48 deaths in Australia every day.

Cardiovascular Disease causes 1,619 hospitalisations per day

Over half of Australians live with 3 or more modifiable risk factors for Cardio Vascular Disease

Modifiable risk factors account for 90% of risk of heart attack meaning Heart Disease is largely preventable.

The good news is that many heart attacks and strokes can be prevented, especially if risk factors are detected and managed early. The first step to lowering your chances of developing heart disease is understanding your risk.

A Heart Health Check is a simple 30-minute check-up and  costs $99.70 (you will be $20 out of pocket after claiming from Medicare).

It will involve:

  • - reviewing and updating your medical and family history
  • - checking blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • - discussing your lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise
  • - calculating your risk score and developing a plan to lower your risk of developing heart disease.

    Our new GP Dr Hemantha Gamage will be performing the Healthy Heart Checks in the practice. At your appointment we will complete an electrocardiogram (ECG/heart tracing) and followup will be arranged if any issues are identified. Following your appointment you will receive an email with your cardiovascular risk score and information on how to improve and maintain your heart health.

Don’t ignore your heart health. Phone us on 07 3286 1122  to book your annual Heart Health Check today or click on the book now button.