Home Medication Reviews (HMR)

Patients who are taking 5 or more regular prescription medication are eligible for a bulk billed Home Medication Review (HMR)

A home medicines review (HMR) is when an accredited pharmacist checks the medicines patients are taking at home.

An HMR is different from a medication review by a GP or hospital. Doctors make sure the person is receiving the right medicines for their condition. An HMR also makes sure the person is taking those medicines correctly.

The pharmacist will talk to the patient and/or the person you care for, usually at the home, about the medicines the patient is taking. They will look at everything the person is taking, including prescription medicines, over the counter medicines and vitamins and supplements. They will check everything is being taken correctly and hasn’t passed its use-by date; show the patient how to store medicines properly; suggest ways of helping you remember to give the right medicines at the right time; and suggest whether any medicines could be changed.

The pharmacist can also show you how to use and look after any medical devices the person may need, such as inhalers, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors.

The pharmacist will write a report and send it to your GP. After going through it with you, the GP will then give you a ‘Medication Management Plan’. This should be shared with every healthcare provider who sees the person you care for.

To arrange this service, a discussion with the usual GP.