Family Medicine

At Pivotal Health we are among many things, a family oriented practice. It is not uncommon for us to be looking after three generations of the same family. We cater for those trying to conceive, pregnant women, birth, babies, toddlers right through to teenagers as well as all issues related to mums and dads.

The concept of family medicine includes an awareness of the social & psychological background of the family, and maintaining excellent communication when illness or injury affects a family member. We are mindful of the differing health needs as a person moves from childhood, to adolescence, to adult life and then to the latter years of their life.

We are also very aware of, and cater to the needs of men’s health, and are sensitive and professional when it comes to delicate procedures such as prostate checks. We understand that such subjects are not openly talked about, so we act as ethically as possible when it comes to confidentiality.

At Pivotal Health, you can be reassured of your family’s health as we offer a variety of services catering to the whole family regardless of their age, level of health or medical condition.