Diabetes Clinics

Diabetes is a major medical condition, and can result in many serious illnesses if left untreated, e.g. blindness, heart disease, nerve damage, loss of circulation, and gangrene.  At Pivotal Health we want to ensure that all of our diabetic patients have their diabetes as well controlled as possible.  Consequently, we are have dedicated diabetes appointments to provide more intensive care to our diabetic patients.

We encourage our diabetic patients to be actively involved in the management of their diabetes.  The Annual Cycle of Care program informs monitors the patient’s blood pressure, height, weight and blood test results together with targets. It also manages treatment through the use of relevant allied health providers (for example, podiatrist, exercise physiologist, dietician).

If you are interested in attending and appointment for a diabetic review , please discuss this with our reception staff so that nurse time can be allocated to your appointment.