This page has been created to give you up to date and reliable information, facts and links regarding the COVID vaccine rollout in Australia and at our practice.

As of 16.02.2021 both COVID vaccines that will be used in Australia have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). This means that we are one step closer to beginning the vaccination rollout.

History is being made before our eyes; this vaccine rollout operation will be the largest single vaccination program in Australia’s history. It has been compared to 7 normal seasonal influenza seasons rolled into one. 

At this stage (17.02.2021) General Practices who are wanting to provide the community with COVID vaccine have submitted Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and are patiently awaiting word from Canberra as to whether their practice will be chosen as vaccine provider. Pivotal Health has applied and looking forward to hearing from the Department of Health. It is unknown when we will be notified of the outcome of this application.

The Department of Health have created a document showing the rollout phases and who can be vaccinated in which phase. This is to ensure that “at risk” and most vulnerable populations are offered vaccination first. You can find the rollout phases here

If Pivotal Health is a chosen practice we understand that we will be providing vaccination beginning with the Phase 1b of the roll out process and we will be supplied the Astra Zeneca vaccine as general practices do not currently have the ability to store the Pfizer vaccine.

At this stage we do know that the vaccine will be delivered in multidose vials; this means that each vial will contain 10 doses and therefore we will only be able to offer this vaccine at a dedicated  vaccination clinic.

The vaccine is a course of 2 doses that should be given 4-12 weeks apart and it is preferred that both doses are given at the same facility. The COVID vaccine cannot be given within 14 days of any other vaccine including the seasonal flu vaccine.

It is still important to have your flu vaccine this year. Unfortunately at this stage, we are unable to confirm when we expect to receive our flu vaccines.

We aim to keep every one up to date as soon as we know more information, we notify our patients via text, email and social media. Follow us on Facebook  Follow us on Instagram

The following links are where you can find reliable and up to date information in regards to COVID vaccine and the rollout in Australia:

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