Skin Checks

Pivotal Health is proud to be able to offer our patients a comprehensive skin examination service. Australians have a high incidence of sun induced skin cancer, some of which are fatal if not diagnosed at an early stage. Early detection of skin cancer helps to both prevent serious complications, and also allow treatment of the cancer with quicker, less invasive techniques. Our aim is to provide an efficient and affordable skin cancer service to allow early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.

The advent of computerised, digital imaging equipment has greatly assisted doctors in being able to detect skin cancer at an early stage. Pivotal Health uses a computerised skin scanner to help diagnose skin cancer. This scanner can also photograph and store images of skin lesions for later comparison if required.

There are many ways of treating various types of skin cancer. Pivotal Health has the full range of equipment required for all types of surgical and non surgical treatment of skin cancer. Our doctors are trained in these methods, and so can advise you as to the best and most appropriate treatment for each particular type of skin cancer.

All of our GPs offer skin checks at the practice. Dr Russell Hunter has completed extra training and is an active member of the Australian Skin Cancer College. He regularly attends education and training events to keep up to date with new skin cancer detection methods and treatments.

Pivotal Health looks forward to providing you and your family with this service.